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Baseball Leaderboard

Tee Exit Speed

  • HS 2013 Spencer Iacovone 98.80 Mph
  • Col 2016 Hunter Tipton 98.50 Mph
  • Col 2013 Brandon Schott 96.40 Mph
  • HS 2016 Grant Erbes 95.00 Mph

Why test? Plain and simple. We test to get a sense of where we stand in relation to the best.

We know you're working hard on your game. How much more focus would you bring to your training if you know that only a 3 MPH improvement was keeping you off the U.S. Leaderboard?

Now, athletes can know exactly where they stack up by visiting our leaderboards. See where you stack up compared to the rest of the country, your state, and even your county!

As professional trainers, we think training should be ALL about player development. In short--help athletes come as close to their potential as possible.

Do you know what your MAX is? Unless you test and train you will NEVER really know.